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Building a Just, Equitable and Sustainable Society®

We are an independent organization, registered as a Not for Profit entity, with partners, volunteers, supporters and staff of diverse origins, creed, color and belief – part of a global movement committed to building a better world.


One of the central aims of WLO is to create knowledge that contributes to the speed and quality of poverty reduction, with a focus on assisting those who are trapped in a cycle of poverty by providing both immediate relief as well as lifetime tools for self-improvement.


Nilibar was developed in the late 1920s by the British as major network of the canals was laid out to get the maximum potential out of the most fertile area of Punjab. Nilibar lies between river Ravi on the north and river Sutlej on the south. This area is famous for major crops and livestock. Nili buffalo and Sahiwal cows are two most famous cattle breeds from this part, known all over the world. Mundi Burewala has always been the center of major agricultural market for over centuries. Burewala mundi was the main feeder to Bahawalnagar mundi supplying to East Punjab before 1947. Burewala is the thirtieth largest town in Pakistan situated on Karachi-Delhi road.

Agriculture provides sustenance to many, food to all, and employment to 42%+ of Pakistan’s workforce. In addition to these intrinsic positive reasons to invest in agriculture, there are other instrumental reasons: poor agricultural performance can lead to inflation, political and social disaffection, and restiveness— all of which can hold back the economy and scare of food security. There are intrinsic as well as instrumental reasons for prioritizing agriculture.