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Consumer Rights

Protection of consumer rights are also important in any sustainable society and it builds an atmosphere of trust.

Human Rights

Protecting basic human rights is part of our approach and principles. Without the equality in human rights, we cannot achieve sustainability in a society.


WLO has a panel of five lawyers providing pro bono legal services to needy people.

Community organizations/NGO’s capacity building

A project with the help of AJM-VSO collaboration will start in the fall of 2009. This will build capacity of all local NGOs including CCBs and other community based organizations in five union councils of the district.

Advocacy & Awareness

In the pilot project, a collective approach is adopted to involve all the NGOs and CCBs to work for the socio-economic development of the area. Special care is given to the advocacy of the Youth Issues, Women and Gender Issues, Energy, Disaster Management, People with special needs and minorities.


Volunteerism is a key to sustainable growth and harmony in any community. WLO, AJM and VSO-UK is going to launch a pilot project in five union councils to train various NGOs and other community organizations to develop volunteerism in their areas for socio-economic growth.

Youth Programs

Youth is the key element for growth of any society. Social scientists say that for a rapid and sustainable growth of any society, the youth plays a major role. We can see that a quarter of Pakistan’s population lies in the range of 16-25. Pakistan will have to harness the abilities of this youth and channel them into ways for sustainable development. WLO is working with the partner organization AJM in this field to capacity build the youth in volunteerism and active youth citizenship. We have a pilot project being launched in Vehari on the 25th of the November, 2009.

Culture & Heritage

WLO works to preserve culture and heritage of a society. We are losing a lot of indigenous values, languages, ways and means from our neo-social setup. Preservation of these morals will help the societies to have better goodwill and tolerance.