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Education, Training and Research

Education, Training and Research

Education, training and research are the backbone to any society. This area is one of our strongest sectors of development. We work on various sub sectors for the growth of this sector ranging from management, infrastructure, advocacy, youth development, awareness, linkages, student exchanges and vocational training to name a few.

 Our research proves that the education is one of the primary factors of the development of the area and root of many social problems.

1. School Management

We have worked with the World Bank to sponsor some primary schools through the National Rural Support Program. Currently WLO is working with a couple of international partners to take over some non-functional schools.
Parents committees have been established in various government schools to have better communication between parents and teachers.

2. Vocational Training/Job placement

A program is in place to give certification to workers in the construction industry for the market abroad. This facility is located at Burewala. This project was established with the help of Mr. Khalid Cheema, who has experience in human resource management in the construction industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All graduates from this facility will be given an option to move abroad or to work for major construction companies in the country. The trainers are certified in other countries to ensure quality training and standards.

3. Scholarships

WLO has offered scholarships to students who are needy and have demonstrated excellent grades in high school and professional college entrance tests. There are various programs for these students including scholarships and grants.

4. Youth Awareness

A volunteer network has been established to mobilize youth to work for their respective communities for sustainable growth. WLO has worked with Rotary International to help youth start constructive projects to tackle problem areas in their own neighborhoods.

5. Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars have been conducted in Vehari, Muzzafargarh, Lodhran, Khanewal and Sahiwal districts for Livestock and Dairy sector, better farming practices, healthcare and economic growth.

6. Skills Development Centers

In Burewala, WLO had setup a skills development center to train people for construction related skills. People were trained to get certificates for Middle East market.

An embroidery training facility is set up in UC 85 to train females and males to earn a living through this skill.

A handicraft-making cooperative is in the planning stages. This cooperative will manufacture quality handicrafts at affordable prices for their own retail outlet and other venues in the country.

7. Model United Nations

Part of our Millennium Development Districts Program is the MUN for the District Vehari and Chiniot. We have finished the ground work to start this after the summer break of 2012. The first Model United Nations was staged during the month of October, 2012.

Future MUN will be District-based in the first year. MUN will not only include representation from all secondary and degree colleges but also from religious seminaries and registered madrassas. Students from high schools will be encouraged to be observers.

This will serve as a perfect opportunity for the youth to learn and be part of global citizenship, volunteering, world and local issues, conflict resolution, statesmanship and leadership.

8. Nilibar Agriculture Research Institute current Faisalabad Agriculture University Campus

A landmark success of this project is Nilibar Agriculture Research Institute. This institute was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan, Mr. Zardari in April of 2009. This institute will help all the farmers in a radius of 200 kms. This institute will have collaboration with other universities and research institutes.

This project will also generate over three hundred jobs over a period of three years and have an area of hundred acres.

We are negotiating with the irrigation department to give an area of one thousand hectares to this institute for bio diesel plantation by the river Sutlej.

9. Public Library

WLO has established the only public library of the district set up at a village level. This library serves as a learning source of students of all level from the primary school to the university, along with the other members of the village.